Under the auspices of the Éva Duda Dance Company, a musical theater production called FRIDA was already made in 2017 in cooperation with the Operetta Theatre Budapest. We played the production with full houses for several seasons, with well-known actors and a great creative team. Since then, there has also been a huge FRIDA exhibition in Budapest, also with enormous success, and since then she just got more and more popular all over the world.
This season, along with Eva Duda’s completely new artistic vision and concept, we are going to present a spectacular dance performance that promises to be a real curiosity, with live music and exciting visual effects following the painter’s life and art work. The production is created in cooperation with the National Dance Theatre Budapest, with an expected premiere in December. Concerning the topic, we have many surprises in store – for example, wonderful guest artists – which we will share every week.
We will give news on the rehearsals every week in the form of short videos, follow our Facebook and Instagram page so you don’t miss a single one!
Photos: Tamás Lékó, Dominik Kubik