The Company

After more than a decade, the company is one of the best established independent contemporary dance groups in Hungary. Through our work we try to build a bridge between well-known and more progressive genres. This bridge helps people understand and enjoy unconventionality, irregularity, abstraction and complexity in dance. Our mission is to make contemporary art, most of all to contemporary dance accessible and understandable to new audiences and new social layers. During the past ten years approximately 50.000 spectators and visitors from fifteen countries participated in our different programmes. We are a motivated and young organization, with big ideas and plans, aiming to work for the future of performing arts.

We work with passionate young dancers and experienced mature performers, as well as exceptional creatives and operators. The most essential code behind our work is diversity: a wide range of thinking, different styles of movement, different age groups and diverse social backgrounds meet. If you add Eva Duda’s sensitivity towards extremely different theatre approaches you have the recipe that makes our repertoire so varied: including several small scale and a few bigger shows, ranging from simple, intimate duos and trios to multidisciplinary performances including dancers, actors, circus artists and musicians. All of them are visually expressive performances from progressive contemporary pieces to high quality theatre shows involving live music and new circus elements.

Collaborations have been crucial for us since the start. We often invite and host guest artists both from in- and outside of Hungary. In the past ten years, we have worked with eight different guest choreographers from around the world. We built strong connections during these years with different venues, collaborating with Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, the National Dance Theatre of Hungary and the MU Theatre, where we present our shows. It was also essential to make strong connections to several home and international festivals, which we attend yearly with our workshops or performances.

Besides performing, the company acts as a production house also. We organize professional and semi professional workshops and courses at our Studio, bringing smaller events and festivals to life, such as the Flying Bodies Festival. Our Studio is open for artists searching for residency places, we welcome performers and choreographers from abroad as well. We’ve been running a successful and complex TIE programme for years to reach out to future audiences. We have had around 1000 high school students participating so far.