Open trainings

The best known features of Eva Duda Dance Company are the high professional standards, the outstanding technical skillset of the dancers, and the intense physicality. Maximizing the physical capacities of the artists, working with the company is essential. We consider it important for the dancers, to be able to stay at the peak of their performance, to develop new technical tools and to improve their skills. In order to facilitate their progression, we provide a regular training for them, by inviting internationally acclaimed instructors, who represent the most actual forms of contemporary dance to help the dancers stay up to date and multipotent.

Using the company’s resources we aim to run such projects which are beneficial for wider communities. We would like to contribute professional dance scene’s improvement by opening our professional trainings in front of anyone working in this field. Dance artists can attend these trainings free of charge. We warmly welcome everyone who is eager progress, to stay in shape, to maintain physical health.

The trainings are held every weekdays from 9h30 to 10h30. The studio is open 15 minutes earlier and the dressing room is available from 9h.


Movein Studio, B wing, 3rd floor at 1-3. Jurányi street, Budapest, 1021

More info

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