Residency program

We would like to contribute to the international mobility of independent artist, so in 2019 we started our residency program. During the summer (from july to september), our studio is available for 1- 4 weeks to research, to experiment, to create. Alongside with the space we offer artistic mentoration by Eva Duda, the artistic leader of the company, and operational support in case the artist needs administrative help. During the time spent at our place we gladly cooperate in organizing work in progress showings, discussions, participative events, if needed. Besides the studio, we can provide accomodation for 1 or 2 persons (1 guest room with 1 bed, and additional mats).

The parameters of the studio:

  • Almost a 100sqm functional space, covered with good quality dance floor (6,5 X 15m)
  • 6,5 X 3m chill space with couches, covered with carpet
  • A staggered platform to sit for a small audience during work in progress showings
  • A good quality sound system
  • Mirrors all along the wall
  • Dressing room, showers, a small kitchenette (coffee machine, fridge, microwave oven)

For more information about the available dates and time frames and booking the studio, please contact us by the contact box below. Applications must contain the CV-s of the participants of the project, a short presentation of the artistic project (concept, synopsis, plans of the continuation of the project after the residency, photos and videos of the project if possible), and a document listing the equipments and techniques used during the process of creation or experimentation.