In Movein Studio, every evening during weekdays, we run an ongoing dance school on beginner and intermediate levels. Contemporary dance, modern dance and dance therapy sessions are available from September to June. You can pay for single classes, or buy monthly passes, the prices and discounts are set by the teachers, to apply and to pay please contact them.

Insturcors and classes

Zoltán Grecsó – Soft and Dynamic

Class description: The atmosphere of the classis characterized by cheerful immediacy. During the thorough warm-up of the body, the practical and theoretical learning of the basic concepts important for protecting our body is ongoing. All of this is followed by “dance” choreographies that directly and indirectly develop the acquisition of basic coordination regularities. After that, we will demonstrate what we have learned with light dancing and thorough stretching. I recommend the class to amateurs and non-dancers who want to exercise, who are interested in simplicity and normality, who like to believe in themselves, who want to love themselves and others.


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The thought was born…you made up your mind…here you are. Maybe you haven’t reached where you want to be yet, but you’re closer than you were yesterday! In the dance classes, we start with simple, easy-to-follow exercises, with which we move our joints and warm up our muscles. We immerse ourselves in the dance techniques of the 20th century. We learn the correct basic posture, soft weight transfer, arrival on the soft ground, connection with the ground, and use the power of momentum. We get balanced and out of balance. We will look for a natural, fine tuning of the connection of movements to various music in movement and dance, while discovering and broadening our own movement culture. Finally, we close the session with a relaxing relaxation and stretching session. Anyone who feels like it can sign up for the classes. If you like, you can go regularly or only occasionally. It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you have previous qualifications, I look forward to seeing you!


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I believe that dance is a way of self-knowledge, and it is also one of the most complex forms of movement, developing the body and coordination in many ways. Dancing together in community is a great source of joy, a chance to recharge and relax. You can register for classes from 3 to 17 years old, children learn gymnastics according to their age group, various dance techniques, basic acrobatics and a lot of improvisation, there are also drama games.

More information and application:

Phone: +36 31 781-7993 (the phone number is 31, not a typo)


Photo: Dániel Dömölky