Theatre in education program

We consider it extremely important to help the youth to find connection to contemporary performance art, so we run a unique Theatre In Education program since 2014, in which we met several hundred students from different schools, offering them a complex structure of preparational and analytical lessons, exploring creativity and thinking outside of the box, presenting them several professional shows. This project has outstanding positive results on the students and on the contemporary performance art.

DramaRodeo is our unique theatre-in-education programme series, which introduces three different art genres to the students. After watching a theatre and a dance performance, they discuss what they have seen with a drama teacher, and in the end they make a short movie with Slam Poetry writers. The goal is to get students closer to the world of theatre, dance and literature, and to encourage them in experimenting, playing and thinking together with the performers.

Lead drama teachers: Eszter Gyevi-Bíró , Orsolya Kámán

Project coordinator: Barbara Czveiber

“As an adult it is almost impossible to get ready for a day that Eva Duda Dance Company has put together for secondary school students. Even more surprising for a grown man is to see that the students break down all the barriers we would think they have. And that is the beauty of it: the impossibility of preparation makes creating immediate art possible, while the breaking down of barriers brings about a true miracle.” István Pion,