The Eva Duda Dance Company takes part in organizing different events on a wider scale also. Between 2010 and 2013, we were one of the founders and organizers of the International Dance Day Marathons, which were at the beginning a 24 hours long then in 2013 a 2 days long dance festival. From 2014, the Company was the most important partner in the Flying Bodies events.

Besides of these, we often organize accompanying programs around our shows, such as panel talks about some external topic (for example the climate change), or such as concerts and exhibitions. We aim to build up strong connections on multiple levels with the audience, and by doing so we create a community from us and them.

In 2019 we brought 3 major events to life:

First we opened a dance photo exhibition from one of the best 100 hungarian photographers, Dániel Dömölky. His photos were drawn at the base of our company representing the first 10 years of us. At the opening ceremony, visitors could hold a nice drink and hear about the story of the photos, meet the photographer and the leader of the company, alongside with some of the artists on the pictures.

Not too long after, we organized a day long minifestival in Trafó, House of Contemporary Arts, celebrating our 10th anniversary. Interactive drama games, panel talks, a brand new show and a documentary movie about the first 10 years of the company built up the program, finished with a live dj set and a party. 

The 3rd major event of that year was our exclusive party in the framework of dunaPart contemporary theatre and dance platform, where we offered food and drinks for hungarian artists and international professionals at a very exclusive venue, the Trip Ship, a pontoon on the Danube. The program consisted of short pop- up performances, a dance photo exhibition and free time to meet and network. 

At the beginning of 2020, the Company as a coproducer, took part in the organization process of the Flying Bodies Winter ‘20 international mini festival. The event took place at the Juranyi Incubator House, and offered a creative atelier for dancers and acrobats, 2 international mastercourses, and 5 international contemporary dance and circus shows. 

Besides the events organized by us, we often take part in festivals, professional forums and many other types of happenings, such as: Theatre’s night, Pozsonyi Piknik, International Dance Day events, Valley of Arts Festival, Festival of Dance Veszprém, Pécs International Dance Festival, Thealter Festival, Open Air Festival Szeged, Opera Festival of  Miskolc, etc. 

In addition, time to time we show up at company and private events, shootings and fashion shows.