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Choreographer: Eva Duda



playful, light, bright


In 2010, an unexpected cut and retention of state subsidies from independent performing arts groups inspired Eva Duda to create a short sequence of improvised scenes performed in public space and caricaturing the situation. This light piece eventually grew into a complete dance- theatre show and was kept on repertory for years after. It evokes youthful energies, calling humour into the game, bringing joy through its playfulness. It impresses with dynamic, lively and energetic movement. The performers characters are natural and honest, grown out of their own personalities, letting their inner child free flow.



Beáta Egyed

Eszter Lázár

Beatrix Simkó

Milán Újvári

Márton Csuzi

Zoltán Grecsó

Dávid Mikó



Péter Kunert – Montage



Edina Szirtes 


Light designer:

Zoltán Fogarasi



40 minutes of fun and play



Dániel Dömölky