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Director – Choreographer: Eva Duda


Play, action, nostalgia


After Stop ‘n Go and Stoppers, the two first action- shows of the company, Love ‘n Go was a next station towards finding a deeper connection to our audience. The show itself is a loose sequence of many times improvisation based, playful action scenes, in which every act interprets a personal story from the past of this cultic cinema, the Atrium movie theatre, which was reopened in the same year, 2013. Through an open call, the company received happy or sad memories from former audience, visitors and colleagues of Atrium, and the performers built them into their actions, focusing on the major topic: Love and Cinema. 



Beatrix Csák

Zsuzsa Jónás

Júlia Lányi

Beatrix Simkó

Zoltán Katonka

Zsolt Kugler

Viktor Pelle

Gábor Bora



István Lojzi Kalóz






Dániel Dömölky