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Choreographer: Eva Duda



zippy, hard, sensual


Rumble highlights the obvious and hidden sides of masculinity, bringing forward its most sensitive, darkest, funniest and most violent features. We see men fight each other, having fun together, being vulnerable or becoming aggressive, interacting with women sometimes coercively sometimes gently. The show is dominated by dynamic partnering and precisely choreographed, highly intensive, acrobatic movement materials, which express the urge of becoming an alpha male.. The atmosphere is harsh and heavy but intelligent humour pops its head when it’s most needed. A singer and a rapper represent the internal voices in the men’s heads: they tell the deepest secrets and thoughts of a man’s mind, which brings the audience closer to understanding the primal motifs and drives of the homo ludens. 



Zsuzsanna Jónás

Beatrix Simkó

Anna Gulyás

Emil Bordás

Márton Csuzi

Dávid Mikó

Gábor Bora

Zoltán Grecsó



Péter Kunert



Kata Pető

Mc Zeek 


Light designer:

Péter Gerzson Kovács


Costume designer:

Richard Masa

Zsófia Opra Szabó



50 minutes of colliding energies



Dániel Dömölky

György Jókúti