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Choreographer: Eva Duda



dark, original, bonds


After an unexplained disaster, a family is left alone in a damaged, ruined world. They try to find new paths in the ashes, which cover all paths of life. We see their struggle with the elements, with each other, with their own fears and altered minds. This is neither a happy start nor a happy ending. 

This was one of the longest rehearsal periods in the first ten years of the company. Eva trusted her dancers and worked with them as equal partners during the process. Through honest and in-depth experimentation a unique way of movement was born and a thoroughly complex world was built up on a fascinating set: a sea of ashes scattered all over the floor. To this day we consider After as one of our most impressive shows. 



Jenna Jalonen

Beatrix Csák

Milán Újvári

Márton Csuzi



Péter Kunert


Stage designer:

Gergely Mindák


Light designer:

Ferenc Payer



65 minutes of apocalyptic craziness



Dániel Dömölky