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Choreographer: Eva Duda



smooth, intense, barbarity


The first production of the company was awarded one of the highest awards for contemporary dance in Hungary, the Rudolf Laban Award. Delicate, very precisely designed movement sequences and constellations build up a lunatic atmosphere in which the performers flow from one state into another like sleep-walkers, becoming more and more awake and more and more aware of the harshness of reality. We see how pure beauty becomes cruel violence, how a caress turns into  brutality and how people become animals chasing their desires everywhere, even in their dreams. At the end though, a ray of hope emerges, a dim light in the darkness, which brings us back to balance and harmony. This show is a trip starting with gentle emotions going through a shock of rawness and barbarity, and again back to calmness. 



Beatrix Simkó

Eszter Lázár

Beáta Egyed

Dávid Mikó 

Gábor Ivanov

Zoltán Grecsó

Márton Csuzi


Light designer:

Gerzson Kovács



Péter Kunert


Video, projection:

Márton Gothár



50 minutes of fine dance



Dániel Dömölky