Repertoire / MESH




Choreographer: Maria Campos (ES), Guy Nader (LB)



elegant, mechanics, continuous


Guy Nader’s and Maria Campos’s work, Mesh is a highly interconnected structure of impulses and forces, in which every performer is a rack wheel in a movement machine driven by momentum and cooperating energies. A stunning partnering and acrobatic constellation, from which duos and trios separate temporarily, just to reconnect again and again. The hypnotic music reminds us of machines, factories and pendulums. Perpetual motion in a white box, flowing grey colors and smoothly manifesting physical laws. Elegant, smart and impressive solutions.


Guy Nader and Maria Campos successfully established a unique style which quickly became well renowned in many corners of the world. Besides their own ensemble, Guy and Maria are regularly invited to repertoire companies to give workshops and bring new shows to life. In 2016, in cooperation with Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, they spent a month with the company, giving classes and workshops, and leading a very exciting creative period, which resulted in this uniquely dynamic show, one of the short pieces among our double bill nights.



Júlia Gaál

Orsolya Vitárius/Simet Jessica

Benjámin Taba/Kristóf Várnagy

Áron Darabont

Márton Csuzi



Miguel Marin



Dávid Kovácsovics



Endre Fazekas



25 minutes



Dániel Dömölky