Repertoire / FRIDA




Director – Choreographer: Éva Duda



entertaining, multidisciplinary, unexpected


One of our most popular, most often performed and the most resourceful projects, Frida combines theatre, contemporary dance and visual arts, through all of which we evoke the personal and artistic life of the well known painter Frida Kahlo. The main storyline is provided by a new musical drama, played and sung by great actors and accompanied by live music. Dance, acting and singing all play essential roles in this work, which evokes the beginning of the 20th century Mexico, New York and Paris. A fourth layer is represented by Frida Kahlo’s and Diego Rivera’s paintings projected on different surfaces of the set, many of which are mobile and can be placed at different spots in the space. The result is an extremely colorful, exciting atmosphere with some scenes turning into exhibitions – all of which makes the project truly unique. 



Frida – Dorka Gryllus/Petra Gubik 

Diego – Szilveszter Szabó P.

Dieguito – Áron Molnár

Mamma – Athina Papadimitriu

Pappa – Artúr Kálid/Gábor Dézsy Szabó



Márton Csuzi

Bea Egyed/Laura Tóth

Simet Jessica/Orsolya Vitárius

Réka Rácz

Júlia Gaál

Milán Újvári

Levente Lukács

Benjámin Taba 


Live Music:

Ferenc Éder

Gábor Subicz

Dávid Szarvas

Gábor Udvarhelyi

  • The Pesoforte band



Dániel Dinnyés


Playwrighter and lyrics:

György Hegyi 



Sára Oláh Horváth


Costume designer:

Julcsi Kiss 


Set, stage designer:

Gergely Mindák 


Video designer:

Gábor Karcis



Ferenc Payer 



Anna Veress 


Assistant to choreographer:

Márton Csuzi 


Assistant to director:

Bernadett Bernáth 



Dániel Dömölky