Repertoire / BREATHE!




Choreographer: Éva Duda



pure movement, intimate, personal


Breathe, sigh, exhale, let go! Five characters are listening to each other as they present their intimate solos just like in group therapy. Their postures are distorted, their movements carry the weight of their inner inhibitions, they apply inorganic transitions and their behaviour tells us that they trust and fear each other at the same time. After revealing their inner troubles, they try to help each other by getting into physical contact, which either releases the tension or just on the contrary, makes the other explode. They breathe together, they react together, they liberate themselves together while the stage and the whole world around them fall apart. 


Eva is always experimenting with alternative ways of creation. This time, she held more trust in the performers, and put more responsibility on them than ever before. It was a real conversation among equal partners, and the result was a very fruitful period of creativity, where everyone brought great ideas and inspiration into the process. So it became a deeply personal matter to everyone. In the end, this became the main theme of this work: personality and intimacy. Eva stuck to this idea then, thereby creating the rawest show of the company. 



Bea Egyed

Jessica Simet

Andor Rusu

Milán Újvári

Márton Csuzi



Nils Frahm

Ábris Gryllus

Péter Kunert


Light designer:

Dávid Kovácsovics


Costume designer:

Júlia Kiss


Stage designer and high scaler:

György Zoltai


Property man:

András Till



40 minutes of intimate confessions



Dániel Dömölky