Choreographer: Quan Bui Ngoc (VN)



shocking, provoking, hypnotic


Besides working as a performer with the most progressive artists in Belgium, such as Alain Platel, Franck Chartier (Peeping Tom) or Samuel Lefeuvre, Quan Bui Ngoc regularly collaborates with companies and schools as a choreographer, creating progressive and spectacular shows. In his creative process he always starts with an abstract vision, from which he deduces the show’s more specific messages. For him it is always personal: inspired by the dancers he always brings the most intimate stories into play. His work requires strong technical skills and operates with a very high level of physicality. Some keywords that always describe his creative process are: extremities, emotions, bizarre.


Blurry is a great work of Quan, an artist of Les Ballets C de la B and choreography assistant to Alain Platel. The show is a sequence of surreal, sometimes grotesque scenes, danced with extreme physicality and virtuosity. Despite the sudden shifts between the scenes they follow each other smoothly and organically. Parallel dimensions of the performers’ personal stories are manifested in raw movements and contradictory relations. 



Bea Egyed

Orsolya Vitárius

Andor Rusu

Gábor Ivanov

Márton Csuzi



Jeromos Kovács – Montage


Light designer:

Ferenc Payer


Costume designer:

Julianna Kiss


Choreographer’s assistant:

Beatrix Csák



40 minutes of an intense and bizarre world



Dániel Dömölky