FRIDA, the muse of life – premiere!

Rehearsals for our latest production, which we will present together with the National Dance Theater on December 7, are already in full swing. A spectacular performance that explores the life and art of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo guides the viewer into an exotic dream world based on the rich expressiveness of music, motion pictures and dance. Eleonora Accalai, who plays Frida, and Tibor Kováts, the former private dancer of the Opera House, will be seen in the main roles of the play.


As in a special guided tour, the dance images reveal the beauty and challenges of women’s destiny, passionate love stories, images of an impressive culture, a carnival atmosphere and a defining moment of Frida’s life. Inspired not by Kahlo’s life story, but by her life and art, we present an independent visual theater vision of a dramatic, yet colorful and vibrant world.


Frida Kahlo, who was born 115 years ago, has Hungarian roots on her father’s side, but people know her primarily for her ties to Mexico. His cult is multifaceted, so people connect and are attracted to him in many ways: an ideal, an icon whose life affirmation was unparalleled, even though his life was full of many tragedies and stormy loves. She is the muse of many, as her special and unique character inspires many to this day, whether we are talking about women’s equality, art, courage, forward-looking ideas or amazing vitality.


Frida is a well-known and popular artist in Hungary, so the performance gives us the opportunity to add new perspectives to understanding her life and art. This large-scale production allows us to immerse ourselves in the surprising visual and atmospheric world of his art and his homeland, Mexico. Our goal is to dignify the intellectual legacy of such a great artist, to preserve the most decisive turns of his life and the magical power of his sometimes moving paintings, and to pour the various waves of emotions full of passion and extremes into modern forms.


Sponsors: KIM, Human Resources Support Manager, National Cultural Fund, National Dance Theatre, Budapest Capital XI. borough Municipality of Újbuda, Independent Public Benefit Association, Movein Studio, Műhely Foundation, Viwa Vitaminvíz