Márton Csuzi

I decided quite late that I would do dance. I played sports. I dreamed of the Olympics and world records. Then I heard quite a few times that competitive sports are stupid. The spirit of competition encourages others to outdo each other, and why? So let’s try art then. Let there be dance! Éva Duda comes after the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, I hear you don’t have a job. I have a job. That was seven years ago. It’s good to think back. Momentum, action, energy! This is what you need! So my team wholeheartedly. I got huge opportunities: Simeon, Lear, Flying Bodies. I learned a lot from these: After, Radar evenings, Frida. And there is also a circus that I like more and more: Virtus. And workshops. Open training. And professional entertainment. Friends! Sometimes I work with others. But mainly in smaller projects. Now I’m interested in these things, acrobatics, circus, parkour, practice, learning, simplicity.