debuting on online platforms with old and brand new pieces

Restrictions of the pandemics have been defining our life for almost a year while the tendency of publishing archived theatre and dance plays online became common on a wide spectrum. The Eva Duda Dance Company joined this flow only by creating and posting new content but their pieces were not available for the audience. The Company’s programmes of the forthcoming two weekend break the ice where records of two old pieces, OVERDOSE and RUMBLE will be available beside the newest piece titled PRIZMA with its premiere on 25th February.

As the first part of the online programme series weekend, the RUMBLE will be open for the audience which piece – premiered in TRAFÓ – gained huge success 10 years ago.  You can watch the video free between 6.00PM 18th February and 6.00PM 19th February by clicking this link: Rumble highlights the obvious and hidden sides of masculinity, bringing forward its most sensitive, darkest, funniest and most violent features. 

The Company’s one of the most visually remarkable piece, OVERDOSE will be available from 5 PM on Saturday, 20th February. In the play debuted in 2010 stands the topic of dependence among the members of a community in focus and the usage of many specific tools makes its various depictions exciting and captivating. The outstanding quality video of the play on the Facebook page of Theatre MU on the following link:

As the result of a creation process with many stages, PRIZMA will be presented online on 25th February in the Web-theatre of the TRIP Ship ( The Company transformed the concept of the online mini video project called  ONEMINUTE –  started in the spring lockdown –  into a stage performance. The online premiere starts 8 PM on 25th February which is followed by 4 more plays on 26-27th February from 10 PM while on 28th February from 5 PM and from 8 PM.