Csongor Füzesi

I am Füzesi from Füzesabony. I have loved all kinds of sports since childhood, but I do not despise E-Sports either. I like to walk the dog, eat good food and see the world with my fiancee.

I graduated from Dózsa György High School and Dance Academy in Budapest. I would like to mention István Horváth, who to this day stands by me and helps me in my career so that I can be a better dancer, but above all a better person. After finishing school, I signed a contract with the Central European Dance Theater for 3 years. Here I could work with many domestic and foreign artists, such as Anton Lachky or Eryk Makohon.

After a short freelance season, I met Éva Duda, with whom we are already spending our second season together, which I really enjoy.

It’s good to come here every day, because in addition to productive work, the atmosphere is good. There is enormous attention within the team and where we pull and where we push each other forward, but no one is ever left alone. In 2020, I received a Fülöp Viktor Scholarship. I was able to learn a lot this year, from many different people. Now I want to focus more on my learning and development again.