Anna Szilvási

I first encountered dance when I was learning to walk: my sisters always choreographed for me, so I learned to walk as part of a kind of choreography as a small child. As soon as standing on two feet became more stable, my parents enrolled me in Debrecen with Enikő Vollay, thanks to whom I fell in love with dance for good.

From then on, there was no question for me that I wanted to be a dancer! At the age of 12, I moved to Budapest to study at a professional institution, the Hungarian Academy of Dance. After 9 years, I received my diploma in the modern specialization under Katalin Lőrinc, and from there I immediately signed a contract with the Central European Dance Theater for 2 seasons, and later I joined Éva’s company.

I have been following and admiring the work of the dance artist Gábor Ivanov for years, so it is a huge gift and also a professional opportunity from life for me to be able to work with him in the Éva Duda Company, learn from him, and be shaped by him…!