Ágnes Huszár

I am Ági Huszár, the Company’s art manager. My job consists of the coordination of operative tasks: communication with our partners and the artists, compiling the Company’s schedule, financial supervision, organizing tours, writing press-materials etc. I iron costumes, build the stage, buy plane tickets and submit a funding application, all at the same time, of course. I enjoy working here, it’s exciting so I’m at a good place right now.

One of my thoughest and funniest story is about our flight back from Cologne this summer when almost the whole Company got stucked at the airport due to the global staff shortage and chaos. We had a sold out show the next day in Budapest so we needed to be very determined and pass the huge line to reach the flight. Finally we managed it but it took me begging for the stewardesses via FaceTime to wait 10 more minutes for us. So I’m doing these kinds of things sometimes, for sure strictly sticking to my job requirements.