The strange figures of our show PRIZMA toured last week’s Art Market Budapest. In Bálna, we presented details from the performance, and then our dancers explored the different spaces of the exhibition. They appeared as living sculptures in different parts of the fair and interacted with visitors. It was a special experience in which the art of dance and visual art met.

ART MARKET BUDAPEST, the international art fair established in 2011 presents a unique artistic composition in a vibrant and exciting region and in one of the culturally most attractive cities in Europe, that gives an emphasized presence to fresh and inspiring galleries and artists including the now emerging stars of the future, and places new artistic inspirations in the focus.

ART MARKET BUDAPEST, Central and Eastern Europe’s leading international art fair efficiently and thought-provokingly combines inspiring artistic content originating from the now emerging regions in and beyond Europe as well as the progressive new generation of artists of the already established West.


Photo: Zsigmond Csákvári