About to finish the piece – Eva Duda about RAMAZURI

‘First of all it really hypes me up that finally we can work continuously. Each creation is absolutely engaging my attention, my thoughts, my feelings until we get to the end. This is kind of hard, but it keeps me in a special excitement at the same time. Now we are working on a production, which required a great work of preparation and it is very challenging for all of us in so many ways. It’s wonderful to see how the production is evolving, how the dancers are developing from day to day, how the musicians are composing the music, and that everything comes together step by step. These last ten days are the most exciting and the most tense part of the creation, everything speeds up, and with an imaginary magnet the pieces of the puzzle are getting together. We needed this period pretty much after such a long year of going back and forth, moreover the atmosphere of this work is delightful, playful and because of this, the whole show has a true power. After VIRTUS (previous show made in 2013), it’s quite uplifting to work again with circus, acrobatics and live music, I feel this piece communicates with our inner child with all the humor and foolishness. I honestly hope that we can make the audience smile and fulfill them with good vibes, as a matter of fact this is the mission of this show!


Can’t wait to see you!’


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Photo: Dániel Dömölky