Voluntary July!

Volunteering, for each other, together!

Environmental protection, sustainability and social responsibility are important to our team, as it is the responsibility of all of us to do something for the world in which we live. Therefore, in July, all of our dancers and crew members were free to choose an organization / venue where they were helping on a voluntary basis.

The project was reported by photos and posts. This was the first time that we did a challenge that covered an entire month. We really enjoyed it and we will definitely continue in the future. Just to sum up what we did: we donated blood, we collected garbage, we made sandwiches, we mowed the lawn, we donated, we made some space greener, we photographed puppies for adoption and there was Gabi who lived plastic-free for a month.

Thank you for staying with us, we hope we inspired you too, to much volunteer as much as possible and to live amore conscious life. See you soon!