Fundraising campaign 2023

Shall we dance?
We launched our first ambassador campaign!


The cultural sector is facing a huge rate of financial cuts. Operating grants for independent professional performing arts organizations will be reduced by more than 30% this year. The former TAO (corporation tax, now surtax) budget available to the sector has also been drastically reduced by 90% compared to a few years ago.


In order to work and create securely in the long term, we have been looking for new and innovative solutions, this is how the idea of our ambassador campaign was born. 


From 5th of April to 7th of May, 20 fantastic ambassadors will campaign for the liberty of dance and the long-term building of our company. The campaign aims to promote contemporary dance, and expand our organization’s target audience, in addition to raising funds. 


When choosing the ambassadors, it was essential to select people with credibility. Our ambassadors come from a wide spectrum, but they all have one common trait: a love of and commitment to contemporary dance and contemporary arts. We are proud to have 20 wonderful people representing the company and stand by the cause of contemporary dance and arts!


Our long-term goal is to build a community of patrons who will support us to create freely and deliver a high-quality of local contemporary culture.


You can support our ambassador campaign here: