2022 summary

We welcome everyone at the beginning of 2023!

We are starting the year with renewed strength and momentum after  2022 that ended with very driving and serious results. We hope that we will have many adventures this year as well and that we can continue the successes of previous years with new projects and tours. The presence of our followers and viewers has given us a lot of strength so far, we are confident that we will have many shared experiences this year!

A little summary of last year:

Fortunately, opportunities opened up in 2022 and we traveled a lot again, especially with our live music, dance-circus performance, RAMAZURI. Our domestic tour stops were Győr, Keszthely, Gyula and Kapolcs, where we took part in the respective city’s festivals, and during our trips abroad we performed in Ljubljana, Oradea, Sibenik and Cologne. The outstanding event of the year for us was clearly New York, where we appeared with our performance MIRROR as part of the Live Hungary Festival.

In April, we presented a new double evening in cooperation with Budapest Spring Festival, where the audience could see the works of Beatrix Csák and Attila Rónai on the Kristály Színtér. Later, at another venue in Budapest, in Eötvös10, we played our show MÚZSÁK with only female performers.

At the beginning of the summer, together with the Jurányi Ház, we launched a brand new performing arts festival, the ZÖME FESZTIVÁL, which focused on sustainability and environmental awareness through various genres. Following the same theme, we filmed three short dance films with fantastic artists, which we will present at festivals this year.

We were invited to several special events in 2022, we opened the DREAMS OF DREAMS Exhibition, we performed at the MASTERCARD annual awards program, we danced at the ART MARKET Budapest in the fall and at the end of the year we closed the finale of the PRIMA PRIMISSIMA Awards Gala.

Meanwhile, Fabian, or going to the dogs was staged in Stuttgart in the spring, and The Castle, directed by Viktor Bodó and choreographed by Éva Duda, was presented at the Comedy Theatre Budapest.

But it didn’t end there, because in December, our latest main stage production called FRIDA, the muse of life, together with the National Dance Theater Budapest, was completed, and we confidently predict a great future for it.

And all of this was made possible by the supersonic dancers and the cool background crew!!!

This year, you can see our performances entitled FRIDA on February 18th and MIRROR on March 3rd in Budapest. We’ll be back soon with new information!

We wish all of us a wonderful new year, with big plans and lots of social, meaningful time spent together!