Studio for artist of Zoltán Imre Program

At Eva Duda Dance Company, we believe that it’s important to take part in the rejuvenation of the contemporary dance scene. That’s why we try to run such projects, as providing rehearsal space free of charge for young, emerging artists from Imre Zoltan Program.

With the support of this Program, we offer:

  • Almost a 100sqm functional space, covered with good quality dance floor (6,5 X 15m)
  • 6,5 X 3m chill space with couches, covered with carpet
  • A staggered platform to sit for a small audience during work in progress showings
  • A good quality sound system
  • Mirrors all along the wall
  • Dressing room, showers, a small kitchenette (coffee machine, fridge, microwave oven)

For more information about the available dates and time frames and booking the studio, please contact us by the contact box below.