MIRROR – Valley of Arts – Cirque du Tókert

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28 júl

MIRROR – Valley of Arts – Cirque du Tókert

július 28. @ 21:00 - 22:00

MIRROR was premiered at the 20th Budapest Dance Festival in March 2020. for the 10th Jubilee of the Company. MIRROR is looking back to the most powerful moments of the first decade by creating a retrospective show with a group of young and energetic dancers.

MIRROR is one of the purest dance shows of the company, with highly skilled dancers who present the best of their qualities. Dynamic sequences of intense choreographies, impulsive partnering scenes, and almost totally silent moments follow each other with the mark of Eva’s unique style on each moment. The stage is like an arena where everone has to win their role in the group. Strong and agile figures are flowing across the space with huge energies, always pushing themselves over their limits, creating exalted tension. The members of the thruster group find themselfes in a rival situation, but in the next moment finding peace by supporting and enjoying each other. The atmosphere they evoke is fulfilled with raw energies, dominance and erotic power play.

Eva Duda’s early works are based on highly energetic and dynamic physicality. In MIRROR she turned back to this purely physical approach, evoked that extraordinary momentum she is known for, completed it with 10 years of experience, and with the eight remarkable dancers, it became the most characteristic show she has ever created. 


Dancers: Bacsó Gabriella, Csuzi Márton, Füzesi Csongor, Gaál Júlia, Ivanov Gábor, Lukács Levente, Temesvári Zsófia, Szilvási Anna 

Music: Kunert Péter, Gryllus Ábris, Astor Piazzola (montázs)

Musical editor: Kovács Jeromos

Light designer: Pető József

Assistant choreographer: Csák Beatrix

Production coordinator: Huszár Ágnes

Guest choreographers: Gregor Lustek, Rosana Hribar

Director-choreographer: Duda Éva


Supported by: EMMI (Ministry of Human Capacities), NKA (National Cultural Fund), Government Office of Capital City Budapest 11th District Újbuda, Summa Artium, Workshop Foundation


Date: július 28. @ 21:00 - 22:00
Time: 21:00 - 22:00
Venue: Valley of Arts