FRIDA, the muse of life – Budapest

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08 júl

FRIDA, the muse of life – Budapest

2023.07.08. @ 19:00 - 20:00


FRIDA – the muse of life

visual dance theatre – exhibition of moving pictures


This spectacular show on the life and work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo leads the audience on a journey to an exotic dream world, based on the rich expressivity of music, dance and visual art. Like an exceptional guided exhibition, the dance pictures and images display the beauty and challenges of Frida’s destiny as a female artist, express the passionate nature of her love life, provide glimpses of an impressive culture, create a carnival atmosphere and depict a few remarkable moment of her personal life. What we present is not the story of Kahlo’s life but a unique theatrical vision of a dramatic and colorful world inspired by the artist’s exceptional lifepath. 


Frida Kahlo, who had Hungarian origins on her father’s side, was born 115 years ago in Mexico. Her cult is very diverse and people relate differently to her. To some, she is an icon – although she was burdened by personal tragedies and tempestuous relationships, she kept her life-affirming values strong. As a muse, she has inspired many by her uniqe art work, insistence that women be treated equally, her progressive views and incredible tenacity.


Frida is a popular artist all over the world, and this performance therefore provides an opportunity for many lovers of her work to see her life and art presented from a totally new perspective. The dance show from a 21st century point of view dives into the atmosphere of Mexico, into Frida’s homeland, with all its surprises and revelations. Our aim is to respect her spiritual bequest by retaining the magical powers of her often poignant paintings while also putting a modern face on the passions and emotional waves that impacted her life so keenly. 


Frida: Eleonora Accalai

Diego: Tibor Kováts

Dancers: Vera Bundschuh, Kristóf Deák, Csongor Füzesi, Gábor Ivanov, Mátyás Kovács, Adrienn Nyeste, Noémi Pataki, Zsófia Temesvári

Music: Izsák Farkas, Tibor Molnár

Costume: Kató Huszár, Julcsi Kiss

Set: Eva Duda 

Video mapping: Gábor Karcis

Light designer: József Pető 

Assistant choreographer: Beatrix Csák

Production assistant: Orsolya Vitárius

Production manager: Ágnes Huszár 

Company manager: Anita Vodál

Director, choreographer: Eva Duda


Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Innovation, Human Capacities Grant Management Office, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, National Dance Theatre, Budapest Capital City’s Council of XI District Újbuda, FÜGE Productions, Movein Studio, Workshop Foundation, Viwa Vitaminwater


Date: 2023.07.08. @ 19:00 - 20:00
Time: 19:00 - 20:00
Venue: Nemzeti Táncszínház