Zsófia Temesvári

As a child, it became clear that movement plays an important role in my life. I was looking for my way as a lifelong exerciser, I tried many things, but it was dance that really enchanted me.
I began my studies at the Hungarian University of Dance at the Győr Dance and Fine Arts Vocational School i finished
In 2015, I was able to continue my training in the Gangaray Artistic Program.
In parallel, I was accepted into the Pataky Klári Társulat’s play “Elfejti, belebotlik”.
Since I felt that the direction was right and I wanted to learn more, I continued my studies as a scholarship participant in Turin in 2017 at the International Contemporary Dance Program (NOD).
In the same year, I was admitted to the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, where I experienced a lot of experience and a new way of seeing.
I am currently working as a freelance dancer.
In addition to the Éva Duda Company, I had the opportunity to work with Gyula Cserepes, Zoltán Grecsó, Katá Juhász, Klár Pataky, Máté Váth, Ádám Zambriczky through Willany Léo, Tamara Vadas and Adrien Hód.
Since 2016, I have been a regular performer of the Willany Leó Improvisational Dance Theater