Repertoire / WONDERLAND




Choreographer: Éva Duda



paradise, eclectic, extremes


The latest show made by Eva Duda for the company’s ten-year jubilee is from all aspects different from her earlier works. The visually impressive piece is divided into five shorter parts, separated from each other, connecting each part to different colours, all together forming a unit. The show explores today’s social extremes, investigating crisis by five different scenes, which all differ concerning movement and expression. Wonderland is outwardly amazing, everything looks fine and shining brightly and anything can happen. Wonderland is here, we live in it and it lives in us!

Behind all these colours and shapes, however, there are hidden doubts, how real is the glamour, how long can and deny what should be done urgently. Are we ready to stand up for each other, can we save our future from the disasters we have caused ourselves. It is important for us to communicate about the hardest topics with the audience. 



Júlia Gaál

Orsolya Vitárius

Réka Rácz

Gabriella Bacsó

Gábor Ivanov

Levente Lukács

Benjámin Taba

Márton Csuzi



Vilmos Vajdai

Péter Kunert



Light designer:

Ferenc Payer


Costume designer:

Júlia Kiss



Péter Fancsikai


Choreographer’s assistant:

Beatrix Csák


Productions assistant:

Lili Melánia Kárpáti



60 minutes of sugarsex, rainbow and paradise



Dániel Dömölky