We have started our 2023/2024 season

We have started our 2023/24 season: The Miraculous Mandarin, Rome, WE SHALL DANCE! gala night at Vígszínház

The summer festival season was very busy, we performed seven times with four different productions during our cross-country tour, while we also visited the Városmajor Open Air Stage, where we performed for the first time and finally we closed the tour in Slovenia at the Front@ Festival. All in all, a meaningful and memorable summer, during which we were seen by more than 1500 spectators. With the momentum of this summer’s successes, we look forward to the next season with renewed energy!

At the request of Iván Fischer, we will launch our 15th season with a staging of Béla Bartók’s emblematic work, The Miraculous Mandarin, with the Budapest Festival Orchestra, on 24 September at Müpa Budapest, and in October at Santa Cecile Hall in Rome. Among our repertoire productions, RAMAZURI and FRIDA, the Muse of Life will continue to be performed at the National Dance Theatre. The highlight of the year will be an exclusive Supporters’ Gala Evening on 26 November at the Vígszínház. The WE SHALL DANCE! gala evening will celebrate milestones in the company’s work to date, as well as exciting new collaborations with renowned artists from the worlds of music and theatre. As a continuation of our spring Ambassador campaign, the gala event aims to raise awareness of the financial concerns of the independent theatre and dance sector, with proceeds from the event helping the company to operate in a more sustainable, long-term way.

24 September – The Miraculous Mandarin – Müpa Budapest

26 September – The Miraculous Mandarin – Müpa Budapest

8 October – RAMAZURI – Kodály Centre, Pécs

15 October – The Miraculous Mandarin – Rome

20 October – FRIDA, the muse of life – National Dance Theatre, Budapest

26 November – SHALL WE DANCE! Gala night – Vígszínház, Budapest

30 November – FRIDA, the muse of life – National Dance Theatre, Budapest

Tickets and more information:  https://evaduda.net/naptar/kategoria/english/?lang=en