Vera Bundschuh

Movement has been always a big part of my life. At 3 years old it all started with gymnastics in the kindergarten, from where I quickly transferred to a rhythmic gymnastic association. It turned out that I am diligent, persistent, have good discipline and can easily adapt. For as long as 13 years I was participating constantly on competitions. However, I was getting ’old’, my back started to have problems and the question has started to rise: okay, so what’s next? Initially, it was Grecsó Zoltán who drew my attention to the world of contemporary dance. His dance classes have worked up an unexplainable excitement in me, thus I was going there every time I just had the chance.

I felt that something great is happening to me, my heart was full, I was in complete awe. In 2016 I got accepted into the Dance University in Linz. It felt like an absolute dream to be able to study what I genuinely love. I graduated in 2020 when Covid hit and I had to come back home. This period motivated me to get to know more of who I am as a dancer and where my real interest lies in movement. My curiosity towards the human body was rapidly growing, as I was realizing the immense possibilities it hides. Since then I am in this sort of research mode of which a great deal has started back in Copenhagen as I was spending my Erasmus studies at the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

From the once dreamy teenager peeping in the audience, dancing officially became my job when in 2021 Éva accepted me into her company. Our first project was RAMAZURI that since then we play with huge success home and abroad.

In the same year I have also joined Willany Leó, an improvisational dance theatre lead by Grecsó Zoltán.

To me dance is an ongoing journey of self-development, understanding my own behavioral patterns and character. Therefore, it is an enormous privilege that I can speak of it as my profession.

Day by day working in a team, being among innovative and open-minded peers, getting to know exciting creators and artists, being a part of diverse artistic processes…what more would I need?