Repertoire / UTOPIA




Choreographer: Éva Duda



expressive, heavy, diversity


Among the latest pieces of Eva Duda, Utopia asks some of the most difficult questions of our time, examining them through an honest and brave point of view. The performance expands an absurd world, full of contradictory characters, suppression and excessiveness. An extremely diverse group of people try to cope with questions, such as freedom and domination, exclusion and humiliation, animosity and manipulation, mistrust and fear, while their behaviour becomes wilder and wilder, more and more distorted and more and more bizarre. A performance in which each movement reminds us of a story in the past, each gesture is a glimpse in the mirror.


In the past years Eva has been more and more concerned with the instability of the times we live in, and she participates in different projects dealing with environmental consciousness, human rights and freedom. As an activist she tries to help open people’s eyes to complicated issues like migration, education, cultural differences and protecting our environment. Inspired by these activities and by the events of the past years, she created Utopia in 2018 in an effort to bring these issues closer to her audience.



Orsolya Vitárius

Krisztina Sessi

Laura Tóth

Júlia Gaál

Réka Rácz

Katalin Lőrincz

Artúr Kálid

Gábor Ivanov

Benjámin Taba

Ádám Weinemer

Márton Csuzi



Jeromos Kovács


Light designer:

Gerzson Péter Kovács



Anna Veress


Choreographer’s assistant:

Beatrix Csák

Costume designer:

Julianna Kiss



60 minutes of craziness



Dániel Dömölky