Orsolya Vitárius

I worked with Éva for the first time at Ope-Air Festival in Szeged, and after a while she contacted me and I became a permanent member of the company as a dancer.

Since January 2021, the audience has no longer been able to see me on stage in the Company’s performances, for now I am only active in background roles, except when I have to stand on stage as a stand-in due to an unexpected situation. On my “business card” you can find studio coordinator and production assistant, but besides that I am responsible for the costumes, but I also organize and coordinate other programs, such as the ZÖME FESTIVAL, Summer Intensive, the Drámarodeó theater initiation program, the trade fair and others. As a reflection of my current wide-ranging work, I received the nickname Olgika from my colleague Ági Huszár within the company about a year ago. For content, follow us with Ági on Instagram.