Pataki Noémi

I was born in Szeged. I have been dancing for 15 years. In 2022, I graduated from the modern department of the Hungarian University of Dance. It is a special gift that I can now be a part of the team whose creations and activities I have always loved. Through them, I can get to know the world of acrobatics and modern dance trends. With Eva Duda Dance Company, I can experience love, development, and serious work (sometimes laughter that causes stomach cramps).

They are wonderful people, both in their personality and in their movements; what happens to others, our environment, and nature is important to them. I believe that we can have an impact on the world through our joint endeavors and performances.

In addition to exercising, I like to read, do handicrafts, be in nature, and even create there. Community is important to me, and thus is connection and togetherness.