Júlia Gaál

After completing my studies, I started my career at Éva Duda Dance Company in 2017, and since 2019, I have also been closely associated with the Willany Leó Improvisational Dance Theater. I started working as a freelancer with visual artist and choreographer Anna Ádám under the auspices of Gray Box Projects in 2020, and since then we have had the opportunity to delve into creative works and tour with existing productions at several international residency programs – Béthune, Svetvinčenat, Bratislava, Paris, Cologne. In 2022, I joined Atelier 21220, the collective of Gyula Cserepes.

Lately, my interest has largely focused on health education gaps affecting the art sphere, and I have the opportunity to delve into this in the 2022 Research of the Unknown program at the invitation of the Műhely Foundation. As this year’s supporter of the RÉS community of the Sín Cultural Center, I am organizing a series of prevention workshops in the autumn half of the season.