János Szabó

My name is János Szabó, cameraman, editor and most recently a carpenter. I came from the world of online media to the scene of movement, dance and performing arts. I first met the company at the Lunatika performance, where I got to through my friend Márton Csuzi. We started working together in 2018, my first trailer was made for Utopia, which I still love to this day, because it is not a dance video in the usual sense. The comment of Kozmikus-balletenergia reveals it more than anything: “this is already terrible 🙁 how can you promote a dance piece with eyeballs …. (the drug is bad))”

In addition to traditional documentation, I have always been interested in how to look for viewpoints and settings that can bring the recipient closer, thus opening up new dimensions of interpretation. For this, the 10-year birthday film was a good opportunity to experiment, where we also used a large private work video from the company members’ phones, as well as the 1-minute projects that ran during the quarantine periods, in which the dancers recorded and edited the videos themselves.

The most memorable experience with the company happened at a team building event at the Regehű stable, when I dared to show off my amazing dancing skills, and thanks to this, to this day, they still bet on me when I show up for a rehearsal with my camera.