Golden Section / I Shall Be Free

Golden Section /  I Shall Be Free – double bill

Beatrix Csák – Golden Section

Attila Rónai – I Shall Be Free


Beside artistic director and choreographer Eva Duda, many Hungarian and international guest choreographers have been working with the Company in the last years. This aim has always been considered as high importance among our plans. In 2022, the previous projects are followed by a new double bill which is presenting two young Hungarian artists.

Beatrix Csák and Attila Rónai are young choreographers whose focus is on the desire for freedom, the cohesion of a community, the manifestations and the impact of personal conflict points. Their creative power is within the pure language of dance that excludes any frills or other dramatical effects. The rawness of the choreography and its thrilling dynamics catch the audience’s entire attention. 

The music composer of the double bill is Péter Kunert who is well known as the author of countless movie soundtracks, theater and dance pieces.

Dancers: Eleonora Accalai, Gabriella Bacsó, Vera Bundschuh, Lúcia Dévai, Dániel Dragos, Csongor Füzesi, Gábor Ivanov, Dalma Wéninger

Music composer: Péter Kunert

Costume designer: Anna Mosolygó

Production assistant: Orsolya Vitárius

Production manager: Ágnes Huszár

Company manager: Anita Vodál

Assistant choreographer: Gabriella Bacsó

Choreographers: Beatrix Csák, Attila Rónai

Artistic director: Éva Duda


Supported by Ministry of Human Capacities, Human Capacities Grant Management Office, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Budapest Spring Festival, Budapest Capital City’s Council of XI District Újbuda, FÜGE Productions, New Performing Arts Foundation, Movein Studio, Viwa vitamin water, Westend Shopping Center