Gábor Ivanov

To me, dancing is like telling a joke: if it’s timed correctly, it can explode hugely in the right environment!

I get along quite well with rhythm – although I’m useless with this skill if I have to dance to noise all the time…

I don’t consider myself a dancer – more like a ‘one degree more informed mover’. I believe in professional chemistry, that in a given situation, with a given co-creator or company, we are able to inspire each other and thereby bring even better ideas, concepts and realizations to life together.

I like fluid work.
I’d rather leave the tension to physics.
I tend to prioritize other people’s problems over mine.
I like persistent, hard work.
I can climb the wall from the morning whine – but unfortunately I can’t stay there…yet!
I confess that complaining is based on the work done, not the day the sun rises.
A piece of my heart always goes to a man who can admit that he was wrong.
No matter how “ominous” it is, dance is part of my life, because I talk about it even when I shouldn’t…
I respect all colleagues who do not see cooperation as a tug of war, but who stand on the same side as the others.

And I really want to be able to dance in front of an audience again and I hope in the bottom of my heart that they think so too…