Daniel Dragos

I was born in Vác in 1991, and although I was surrounded by movement throughout my childhood, I only started to deal with dance more seriously in the upper grades of elementary school. In 2011, I obtained my intermediate level dance artist diploma at the Dózsa György High School and Dance Arts Vocational School. After that, instead of the military, the Budapest Academy of Contemporary Dance became the next important stop in my life, where I gathered a lot of experience in improvisation, creativity, and different styles. This is where I started to get to know the intricacies of theater lighting and lighting design, from which I obtained a ‘lighting technician’ qualification in 2020.

After my college studies, I spent five seasons at the Miskolc Ballet, from which I came away with a lot of experience and memories, as well as fulfilled dreams and opportunities. Since, in addition to dancing roles, I was also responsible for preparing and making the lighting plan for upcoming performances. My first independent choreography was presented by the company in 2020 under the title “Gépnarancs.” In 2016, I received the title of “Private Dancer of the Miskolc Ballet”, in 2017 the Vodafone Scholarship, and in 2019, the “Best Male Dancer of the Season” award courtesy of the Association of Hungarian Dance Artists.

For a long time, I longed to work together with Éva Duda, and now the time has finally come in my life. I’m really looking forward to dancing in front of spectators again (after a forced absence of more than a year)…!