Repertoire /BABEL

In cooperation with the National Dance Theatre Budapest



Director, choreographer: Eva Duda 

The production titled BABEL aims to scan the emotional states of individuals and communities facing the societal challenges of the 21st century. In the “Tower of Babel” our personal experiences are often very similar, as we feel and think almost the same everywhere in the world regarding the most important human factors. In every community, our attachments, loving connections, beliefs, traditions, and customs are crucial for coexistence. People are often driven by good intentions, the majority do not relish wars, and do not desire the consumption of the planet or the destruction of wildlife. Yet, it still happens, it still goes on, and thus, the confusion remains enormous.

BABEL is not a storytelling performance but rather portrays an eclectic world with expressive images and moments, imbued with self-irony and humor, where people, striving towards a lost state of equilibrium, are stretched between the poles of chaos and opposing emotions. The desire for harmony clearly shines through in the disrupted worldview, with the tension between balance and chaos unfolding through the presence of contrasting aesthetic qualities in the performance’s movement language, music, and visual effects.


Contributors: Artists of the Duda Éva Company

Guest artists: Katalin Lőrinc, Tibor Kováts

Music: Dávid Konsiczky, montage

Costumes: Kriszta Remete

Set Designer: Balázs Fügedi

Lighting Designer: József Pető

Choreographer’s Assistant: Beatrix Csák

Production Manager: Orsolya Vitárius

Company Manager: Anita Vodál


Director-Choreographer: Éva Duda, Gyula Harangozó Award-winning artist


Supporters: KIM, Human Resources Support Manager, National Cultural Fund, Municipality of Budapest, District XI Újbuda, Public Benefit Association Independently Together, Workshop Foundation


The performance includes strobe lights.

Duration: 80 minutes

Photos: Dániel Dömölky