MIRROR Double Bill – National Dance Theater

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10 nov

MIRROR Double Bill – National Dance Theater

2020.11.10. @ 19:00 - 20:00

I.Part – Parting Ways


Created for the 10th anniversary of the Company, premiered along with MIRROR, in a double – bill event. The show is the latest creation of the Polish choreographer, Maciej Kuzminskí. The choreography is made for three female dancers, and is a deeply emotional and spiritual work. It is accompanied by Meredith Monk’s and Philip Glass’ music, which makes it even more poetic. The show invites the audience for an existential journey through the universal topic of experiencing loss.

Performers: Júlia Gaál,Gabriella Bacsó, Orsolya Vitárius

Music: Meredith Monk, Philip Glass

Assistant to choreographer: Beatrix Csák




Mirror is one of the purest dance shows of the company, with highly skilled dancers who present the best of their skills and qualities. It is a dynamic sequence of intense choreographies, with much acrobatics and fine partnering, having the mark of Eva’s unique style on each moment. Strong and agile figures are flowing across the space with huge energies, throwing themselves into the air, rolling on the floor in the next moment, always pushing themselves over their limits, creating an exalted atmosphere in which they rival, chase each other, fight each other, support each other and ultimately enjoy each other. The feeling they evoke is dark and extreme, fulfilled with raw energies, dominance, erotic and power play.  Flowing, powerful, impressive.


Performers: Orsolya Vitárius,Júlia Gaál,Zsófia Temesvári,Gabriella Bacsó,Levente Lukács,Gábor Ivanov,Csongor Füzesi,Márton Csuzi

Music: Jeromos Kovács,Péter Kunert

Light designer: József Pető

Choreographer’s assistant: Beatrix Csák

Guest choreographers: Gregor Lustek,Rosana Hribar

Choreographer: Eva Duda



Photo: Dorottya Ódor



Date: 2020.11.10. @ 19:00 - 20:00
Time: 19:00 - 20:00
Venue: Nagyvárad