WE SHALL DANCE! – Gala night at Vígszínház

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26 nov

WE SHALL DANCE! – Gala night at Vígszínház

2023.11.26. @ 19:00

The Eva Duda Dance Company, which is starting its 15th season, will organise an exclusive sponsors’ gala evening on the main stage of the Vígszínház with the participation of guest artists.

The two-act evening will evoke the main milestones of the Company’s work to date, as well as exciting new collaborations, with dance, music and theatre from renowned performers. As a continuation of the „SHALL WE DANCE?” campaign, the gala event aims to raise awareness of the financial challenges facing the independent theatre and dance sector, with proceeds from the event helping the Company to operate in a more sustainable way in the long term.

The Eva Duda Dance Company has become an unavoidable part of the Hungarian dance scene, with more than 10,000 spectators enjoying their performances every year. Their main venue is the National Dance Theatre in Budapest, but they also perform with great success at national and international festivals. Their mission is to bring contemporary dance to new audiences and new social groups. The link between social responsibility and art is important to them. The Company is characterised by uniqueness, innovation and dynamism thanks to the complex knowledge and suggestive performance qualities of its performers and the diversity of its repertoire.

Éva Duda is a multi-award-winning choreographer and director working in a variety of genres. In addition to creating dance performances, she has choreographed various musical productions, movement theatre performances, as well as large-scale operas, musicals and films. At the Vígszínház he has worked on productions such as The Beggar’s Opera, Horses Will Be Shot, Romeo and Juliet, Fiddler on the Roof and the current highly successful production The Castle.



Date: 2023.11.26. @ 19:00
Time: 19:00 - 19:00
Venue: Vígszínház
Address: Szent István krt. 14.