RAMAZURI – Art Festival of Pesthidegkút

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24 aug

RAMAZURI – Art Festival of Pesthidegkút

2023.08.24. @ 21:00 - 22:00



jumble of dance and circus in one part for the age of 6-96

RAMAZURI, the dazzling show is a remarkable and grandiose dance-circus cavalcade dubbed with live music and acrobatic elements that tune up the witty and joyful choreographies. More than 10.000 spectators by touring in different cities and countries in one year!

Movements are the language of this world, humor and drama go hand in hand while tender and shrill solutions, elegance and comedy, reality and fantasy take place simultaneously on the stage. This piece is like a sharply polished grotesque mirror wherein majestic and clumsy features of human nature evolve artistically. The spectacular scenery plays a main part of the play, special tools and space-elements give the chance for surprising movements and an individual style to thrive. Live music composed and played by Izsák Farkas and Dávid Szarvas guarantees a completely unique carnival atmosphere wherein the trends of electroswing, ethno, jazz and hip-hop appear in an original style.

The Eva Duda Dance Company pushes off with this performance to a new dimension of the theatrical dance era. They invite us to a broader universe beyond words where time dissolves in the very first moment so we can enjoy the sparkling adventure. Unique and unrepeatable minutes, the celebration of life because fun is always needed!

Dancers: Eleonora Accalai, Vera Bundschuh , Kristóf Deák , Dániel Dragos, Gábor Ivanov,  Mátyás Kovács, Eszter Lajter, Csaba Mátyás Nagy, Noémie Pataki, Léna Árvay-Vass

Musicians & composers: Izsák Farkas, Dávid Szarvas 

Set designer: Eva Duda

Costume designer: Julcsi Kiss 

Light designer: József Pető 

Trainers: Márton Csuzi, Leonetta Lakatos, Lennart Paar, Olivér Ott, Milán Újvári, Zsófia Zoletnik

Assistant choreographers: Beatrix Csák, Orsolya Vitárius 

Production manager: Ágnes Huszár 

Company manager: Anita Vodál

Director, choreographer: Eva Duda 


Supported by: Ministry of Human Capacities, Human Capacities Grant Management Office, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, National Dance Theatre, Budapest Capital City’s Council of XI District Újbuda, FÜGE Productions, Inspirál Circus Center, Movein Studio, Viwa Vitaminwater

Special thanks to: Zoltán Faller – airtrack.hu, Bence Vági – Recirquel, Olivér Ott – Pattanj Sportegyesület


Date: 2023.08.24. @ 21:00 - 22:00
Time: 21:00 - 22:00
Venue: Art Festival of Pesthidegkút
Organizer Name: Duda Éva Társulat