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29 ápr



Lets celebrate together the World Dance Day!


We would like to present our latest show today online: On 29th April, we share our performance PRIZMA for FREE, presented together with TRIP ship, for a full day. We hope we could perform it for you live soon!

Stay with us! Have a beautiful day! Lets dance!


The main topic of our newest production titled PRIZMA is the world which turned upside down around us. What we need is a new way of thinking and new perspectives since our usual life became rewritten by the pandemics. Lockdown, social distancing, carefulness have changed our daily social life, our relationships, connection with people. The way we greet each other has changed such as how we approach each other and how we distance ourselves from the others, and all this changes our relation to our own body too. We tend to be more lonesome, more introverted, and our daily routine strengthens the automatisms of our life. All these alterations create a great base for dramatic and banal situations that we are about to examine from a theatrical view: giving shape for our fears and joys by moving and transforming the overdrawn moments of our desires, lack, daily activity into dance.


Dancers: Gabriella Bacsó, Gergely Dudás, Csongor Füzesi, Júlia Gaál, Gábor Ivanov, Anna Szilvási

Music: montage

Costume: Anna Mosolygó

Photo: Dániel Dömölky

Production assistent: Beatrix Csák, Orsolya Vitárius

Production manager: Ágnes Huszár

Light design, concept, choreography: Éva Duda


Supported by: Ministry of Human Capacities, National Cultural Fund of Hungary,  Summa Artium Private Cultural Fund, Budapest Capital City’s Council of XI District Újbuda, Workshop Foundation, Movein Studio


Date: 2021.04.29.
Time: -
Venue: TRIP