Outbreak (Online)

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13 márc

Outbreak (Online)

2021.03.13. @ 19:00 - 2021.03.14. @ 23:59

Outbreak is a vibrant, heated show created by Gregor Lustek and Rosana Hribar. Five extremely open characters bring up the deepest desires and distortions of their souls. Everything has two sides: tempting aggression and repulsive sexuality, bare craziness and hidden elegance. Through the sensual physicality of a burning, wild tango, the performers’ bodies become one, flesh and blood, with repetitive attempts to break out, to free themselves from those dirty and sinful desires.


Rosana and Gregor are very well known by their characteristic approach to contemporary dance. After our first invitation they composed a short piece for three dancers of the company. This trio, Does it start with a kiss?, became one of the most regularly touring shows s of the company, presented at festivals like the Birmingham Dance Festival, Bipod Festival, etc. After finding a very good common language with Rosana and Gregor, Eva Duda invited them for a second time in 2014 to create Outbreak. After the intense rehearsal process, the premier shook Hungarian audiences, and since then this has been one of the most remembered shows of our company. 




Bea Egyed

Beatrix Simkó 

Szonja Stetina 

Márton Csuzi 

Andor Rusu

László Takács 



Keith Jarrett

Beltango en Vivo



Fruzsina Rembeczki 


Production assistant:

Barbara Czveiber



Gregor Lustek, Rosana Hribar (SLO)



Date: 2021.03.13. @ 19:00 - 2021.03.14. @ 23:59
Time: 19:00 - 23:59