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At Eva Duda Dance Company, we believe in the significance of art and culture in everyday life, but it needs ongoing innovation to keep up with the fast changing lives, interests and problems of people. This continuous effort to develop requires resources which can’t be provided only by state funds and ticket sells. 


To be able to bring diverse, sensitive and up to date productions and projects to life, we need your support also! If you consider the values of our work important, and you have the means to support us on any level, you can make us extremely grateful by the followings:

You can purchase any of our merchandise products


Light reflecting leg band for biking, which gives you better visibility and it protects your pants.


Don’t use plastic bottles only once! In Hungary the tap water is excellent, our colleagues and dancers carry their own water bottles and drink tap water for a long time now!


Using our old printed banners of archive projects, the Müsskin design studio produces bags for us with multiple functions, in different styles.

You can purchase a supporter ticket with which you can attend to any 1-3-5 shows of ours in a year

1 Show

6000 HUF

3 Shows

15000 HUF

5 Shows

25000 HUF

If you are working in Hungary, having an enterprise or a firm here, you can channel 1% of your taxes to us!

Official name of the company: Dadu- art Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.

Tax number: 14368398-2-43

Bank account: 11705008-29906558-00000000

You can be one of our exclusive supporter

Depending on the amount you donate, you can enjoy the different levels of our VIP treatment. And we will be extremely grateful!

BRONZE level supporters

I you donate between 0-50000 HUF, you will receive merchandise products and gifts time to time, you get access to private videos and footages of the company, you can attend to any and every of our shows a year, you will have VIP access to general rehearsals.

SILVER level supporters

If you donate between 50000-200000 HUF, you can have access to rehearsals, private and VIP events of the company. Opportunities to be the part of the our loving community are guaranteed!

GOLD level supporters

If you donate between 200000- 1000000 HUF, you become a special sponsor of the company, and besides the offers from the BRONZE and SILVER levels, you can also tell us your ideas and interests, and we do our best to attain them. In addition, we offer you a private presentation of one of our shows, which you can enjoy with your family, friends or colleagues exclusively. 

If you can’t or don’t want to support us financially, we are also very grateful for any type of fringe benefit which can help our work.

If you feel to donate or help us in any way, please contact us through or 

We will show our gratitude in many ways, and if you agree, we put your name on the list of our supporters on our website, we create a video exclusively for you in which we say thank you posting it on our Facebook page, and we will stay grateful forever!

Thank you!