Other projects

ONEMINUTE Dance project

Due to the coronavirus emergency, our performances were postponed indefinitely. Adapting to the possibilities, we continued our work, and we launched a series called “ONEMINUTE” on our Facebook page. Every day we published a solo of our dancers of the company. Music was the only sure point in them (which changed from week to week), everything else was born of circumstances and creativity. If you missed it, visit our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/dudadance/) where you can watch all of our ONEMINUTE videos in the feed or between the videos.    

Flying Bodies workshop and festival series

Since 2014, we organize an event series of workshops and mini festivals, called Flying Bodies, which builds bridges between parkour, circus and contemporary dance

Theatre in education

Since 2013 we run a unique TIE program called Dramarodeo, in cooperation with the Nézőművészeti Kft. Ever since this program is on, we reached more than a thousand students from different school, and introduced them contemporary performing arts on a very wide scale. 

International Dance Day Maraton

The International Dance Day Marathon was organized by the company in cooperation with Merlin Theatre and the Central Europe Dance Theatre, between 2010 and 2013. Every year, the 29th of April, a 24 hours long festival was brought to life, during which workshops and shows were following each other on the widest scale of contemporary dance. In 2013 it grew to 48 hours, we presented  more than 29 shows and courses, and reached more than a 1000 spectators and participants. 

TeARTrum Festival 2013

In the framework of the European Mobility Week, organized yearly, for one day theatres and companies occupy a big part of Andrássy boulevard and offer shows, performances and interactive activities. The Eva Duda Dance company playing an important part in the festival every year. The video tells about our participation in 2013.